Social Responsibility

We recognize it's the community we are in that can be thanked for our successes. And feel honored and accountable to give back by promoting and supporting a healthy and vibrant business and social network for the years to come.

Producing with environmental consideration is not only a way of business but a way of life, our garbage may be another’s gold; in avoiding the landfills, scraps and end cuts are sorted, saved and passed on to schools and clubs to be used in a variety of programs. If your group is interested in some of these products, please don't hesitate to call.

Environment, staff, the local business community and those impacted by Speedpro’s operations are highly regarded, valued, and respected.  Speedpro is dedicated to supplying products of top quality to meet its customers’ requirements in an ethical manor. From using local manufacturing for outsourcing when required, Canadian consumables when possible, to the use of environmentally friendly and efficient production methods, we are very much conscious of our ethical obligations, environmental footprint and social support.

A few sponsorships we have proudly committed to:

  • Silverstar Freestyle Club
  • Vernon Winter Carnival
  • Falkland Stampede
  • Vernon Ski Club
  • Sprockids
  • Vernon BMX